Just born

By: amirtha

Jan 23 2011

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Focal Length:33mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD890 IS

Squirrels - just born

Behind this picture is a story of a Squirrel Vs Crow (drop a comment if you want to know) .

These tiny beings were discovered from the attic, along with a protective momma Squirrel. How often can you spot such sights in life?

Clicked at Palakkad, Kerala


6 comments on “Just born”

  1. yes yes I would want to know the story….

    • The story goes like this:

      For 2-3 days we were hearing screeching, squeaking sounds from the room near our backyard. We thought there were ‘rats’ and wanted to chase them off 🙂 Our carpenter who climbed the attic, came down with a whole bunch of baby squirrels.. about 6 of them. Whoa..the excitement set in for all of us! But for the mother squirrel it was a precarious moment. We knew it was watching us from its hiding. All the while at the attic, it protected the babies from the crows that would nab them new borns for a meal.

      We knew we had to safely leave the babies with the mom and we went into hiding (before which I clicked a few pics). The mom was hesitant to carry the babies back until we were far enough. We dispersed.

      When we came back after exactly 5 mins, there were no babies, no mother squirrel ! but there was a crow perched unusually close to our place.
      We had multiple hypotheses of what might have happened.. but I simply wish to believe that babies are fully grown and running around the banyans and the coconut palms!

  2. спасибо было очень интересно прочитать

  3. A ‘baby treat’ to our eyes!
    Wonder what camera you use

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