Master Shot: Featuring Photographer Celine Ramoni

I am thrilled to kick start the Master Shot series with my friend, classmate and master photographer, Celine Ramoni.

Fresh from the success of her exhibition in China and her photos included in Microsoft Windows wallpaper themes, Celine shares her idea of photography, what it takes to be a photographer and her secret sauce to top class photos.

Let’s learn more from this amazing photographer and wish her the best in her journey!

How did you get into photography?

Born and raised in Switzerland, I moved to Japan in 2007. This was the “trigger” to my interest in photography. During my travel in Japan, I discovered so many unique and magnificent landscapes. I felt the need to capture and retain these exceptional moments that I was living in. I was astonished by the innumerable people who were carrying professional photo gears compared to those in my own country. This apparently large popularity of photography further raised my curiosity.

I bought my first SLR one year after my arrival in Japan and started learning with friends. The first few months seemed difficult and my pictures were disappointing. But by learning a few basic concepts, I gained a tremendous freedom in the variety of pictures I could take.

Your best photo(s) click and why do you like it?

This one, click here

This photo concludes a series of shots I took in from the Yurikamome train, an automatic metro line in Tokyo. I had taken my first photos in the Yurikamome a few years ago. At the time, I wasn’t happy with the result and knew it had the potential to get much better. I did go back multiple time over the course of the next 3 years. A few days before leaving Japan, I went back a last time and was able to take this shot. Even though it is not perfect, I like a lot of things about it: the colors, sharpness and perspective. It was a great way for me to conclude the first chapter of my photography.

Generally speaking, I like abstract urban shots with a lot of geometrical elements. My other favorites include night cityscapes and small DOF.

Would you like to share a useful tip for photographers in the audience?

Be patient! Some of my most popular shots are the results of multiple trials. I went to the same places again and again, learning from my mistakes until I was happy with the result.

Your inspiration for your projects?

While photography remains a hobby to me, I am grateful to have received a form of recognition in my creative art. I like to be able to perform to the best of my ability and photography is an area in which I have been able to successfully apply this precept. I have a feeling of achievement concluding that with some perseverance, I can obtain great results in a domain where I did not have any particular aptitude before.

Memorable incident or moment from the photo-shoot:

While traveling, meeting with other photographers often brings interesting conversations and memories. This summer while I was living in Seattle, I traveled to Vancouver to shoot some fireworks. Over there, I ended up standing next to somebody who was from Seattle and who gave me some great tips about the event we were about to photograph.

Love Celine’s photo? View and/or buy her photos using below links.

Buy and/or View Celine’s amazing photos


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